What does
tailored transport mean?

For our customers, we bring daily solutions for their transported goods according to their requirements and the complexity of transport. Once the customer needs are identified, we can design tailored delivery options. As a result the customer does not need to step out of his/her comfort zone.

Gallery of our vehicles

We have a varied vehicle fleet.
Pick-ups suitable for 1 to 2 pallets, box vans up to 6 pallets and tarpaulin vans up to 10 pallets.
Based on parameters (number of pallets), we will offer you the right solution.

Why choose our services?

.Our vehicle fleet is capable of delivering goods normally ranging from 1 to 10 pallets. Other shipments are a welcome challenge for us.

Vehicle fleet is ready
for every situation

Your goods are insured
during transport

Quick reaction
to an enquiry within 15 min.

We respect each
individual client

Quick quote in the case of an enquiry

Do you need urgent solutions to critical transport of goods and you do not even have a minute to spare to receive a quote? Call us and we will give you a quote right away!