What is
“Just in time”?

Our company Stigi Trans s.r.o. specialises on the Slovak and Czech market for international express transport up to 3.5 tons, including the total weight. That means we can transport goods up to a max. 1,300 kg using smaller vans within the EU. Express delivery means providing a vehicle for loading within the shortest time possible without the possibility of adding third party goods, and bringing the vehicle for unloading within the shortest time possible.

Because the time of delivery is critical for express delivery, we treat every order from the very beginning with utmost care. We will respond quickly to your request and find an appropriate solution right away.

With express delivery we provide an accurate transit time with the time of loading and unloading. Within 15 minutes, you will receive a quote and a proposal for a suitable express delivery method. Within 15 minutes of receiving your order, we will pick and propose suitable vehicles for you.

In what situations is express delivery appropriate?

This type of transport is ordered by customers when something goes wrong or is not manufactured in time, they forgot to send something by truck, etc. Express shipping is one of the more expensive types of transports. Many times it happens that we only take a box because it was not produced in time or they forgot to load it in the van or car.

Express delivery is mainly used by customers if they need to deliver something quickly from point A to point B in the shortest possible time.

Typical clients include manufacturing companies connected to automotive, customers without warehouse space, companies that are expanding and manufacturing cannot keep up etc.

The whole process

The satisfaction of our customers takes first place, which is why we deal with every single delivery with maximum commitment and responsibility. We do not divide deliveries into profitable and less profitable. Every delivery is a test in which we want to perform at least 100%. Our standard practices bring less stress for customers and more time for work tasks. Hand over your shipment to professionals.

  • Quote
  • Confirmation of quote to customers
  • Order receipt
  • Order confirmation
  • Informing the customer in the form of SMS messages during the entire transport (or tracking the goods directly to customers via the Online GPS monitoring service)
  • Contacting the driver
  • Specification of the loading date and address
  • Start of the driver for loading
  • Arrival for unloading within the shortest time possible
  • Informing the customer about the unloading of goods
  • Arrival for loading within the shortest time possible
  • Loading of goods
  • Consulting the quantity of loaded goods with the customer
  • Departure from the loading location

Gallery of our vehicles

We have a varied vehicle fleet.
Pick-ups suitable for 1 to 2 pallets, box vans up to 6 pallets and tarpaulin vans up to 10 pallets.
Based on parameters (number of pallets), we will offer you the right solution.

Why choose our services?

.Our vehicle fleet is capable of delivering goods normally ranging from 1 to 10 pallets. Other shipments are a welcome challenge for us.

The vehicle fleet is ready
for every situation

Your goods are insured
during transport

Quick response
to an inquiry within 15 min.

Professional approach of
our agents

Quick quote in the case of an enquiry

Do you need urgent solutions to critical transport of goods and you do not even have a minute to spare to receive a quote? Call us and we will give you a quote right away!