STIGI-TRANS s.r.o. has been operating on the market since 2011. During that time, we have grown into a professional haulage contractor. We originally started out as a small, single-vehicle company; today we have 42 in our fleet and we are still growing. Vehicles are our work tool, so we care about them thoroughly and regularly and we equip them with state-of-the-art technology. Our main specialisation is express delivery. Our goal is to be the best and largest express haulier in Slovakia in our segment.

In order to achieve this, we are guided by simple but very important principles. We are fundamentally opposed to any form of corruption and we do not abuse personal relationships in gaining business opportunities. We are also against providing untruthful or misleading information.

We can responsibly declare that we have acquired each client in an honest way. Something like corruption simply does not exist within our company.

The trust of our clients is vitally important to us, so we do not play this card.

Thanks to our high quality teamwork, we provide comprehensive and flexible solutions in time-critical situations. In order to be able to deliver top performances, we need to be happy at work. We are crazy about vehicles, we enjoy our work just as we like to help people – not only professionally as “vendors” of delivery services. The environment and fair competition are also very important for us. In addition, we guarantee accuracy, efficiency and a favourable price.

According to our customers’ reactions we know that what they value the most is our punctuality, the ability to communicate and to inform about consignments 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

We do not differentiate between our customers and we treat each one of them in a decent and open manner.

For us, their satisfaction is the most important.

The alpha and omega of a successful business is satisfied employees. At STIGI-TRANS s.r.o. we strive to treat everyone in a humane manner, as a living creature rather than a machine. We want all our staff and their families to have a good life and live the life that they deserve. Our employees, in turn, help to create a good reputation for us throughout Europe. And that’s priceless.

In addition, we also think of the future of the most vulnerable – our children – because we, as adults, are responsible for how they will grow up and what they will become. We regularly provide children in children’s homes with toys, books and sports equipment as it makes us happy. Since 2014, we have been regularly supporting children from the Good Angel system; we work with the children’s home in Dedina Mládeže and actively support the talented young motorcyclist Adam Barus from Palárikovo. Simply put, we try to leave a legacy of smiles and satisfaction.

Also thanks to you we are going in the right direction.

For us it is natural to be

  • outgoing
  • reliable
  • accurate
  • flexible

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