We help our customers handle the most time-critical types of shipments.

STIGI-TRANS s.r.o. has helped our customers and partners to deal with time-critical shipments for almost 10 years.

In 2008, on the basis of a trade license, we began our activities with one vehicle having a total weight of up to 3.5 tons and in May 2011 we transformed into STIGI-TRANS s.r.o. Since the start of our activities, we have strived to build the company’s reputation on the basis of highly ethical principles.

We are a young but very fast developing company that guarantees our partners reliability, efficiency, high-quality services and, last but not least, an individual approach to each customer. Our mission is to help customers resolve time-critical shipments, which are often a source of stress. Every day we bring solutions tailored to the customer.

Today, our fleet is made up of several types of cars, which allows us to handle any customer request, ensuring accurate and superiour solutions. Currently, we operate over 40 cars with a total weight of up to 3.5 tons, which are always on the road throughout the whole European Union.

Our goal is to become a market leader of urgent haulage services and we have built a well-functioning, high-quality logistics system. We constantly work to maximize the satisfaction of our customers.

We deal with the most time-critical types of shipments that need to be delivered extremely quickly. That’s why some of our customers tell us that “The Flash is our younger brother…”.

We believe that we may soon include you in the broad portfolio of our satisfied customers.

Mission of our company:

  • Helping customers, partners and friends deal with the problem of time-critical deliveries and help them relax
  • Provide our employees and partners with the best living conditions possible
  • Become a company that everybody knows, everybody talks about only in a positive way and be an example for everyone
  • Perform all our activities in the most ethical, honest and reliable way
    help the people around us who need our help

Why choose us?

  • individual approach to each customer
  • Our vehicles are equipped with a mobile phone with Europe-wide reach
  • The goods are insured under the CMR Convention up to € 60,000
  • You can track the movement of goods by means of sms, mail, or by phone
  • High-quality services

For us it is natural to be:

  • sťoutgoing
  • reliable
  • accurate
  • flexible

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